Welcome to Edgeliving


Thank you for joining us for part of our journey. The three of us – Master Jim, slave marsha, and Sir Cougar – walk together as a Master/slave (M/s) pair (Master Jim and slave marsha), as a Butch/Femme partnership (slave marsha and Sir Cougar), and as a leather family (Master Jim, slave marsha, and Sir Cougar).

Our approach to our family and our journey is best described by a term Master Jim coined years ago – “edgeliving.” You can find out more about us, who we are, and what we do throughout the pages of this website. And, whatever path you may follow we wish you safe travels.

The Spiral

The spiral is an ancient symbol found in nearly every civilization. The spiral symbolizes growth, surrender, release, awareness of the one in the context of the whole, acceptance of change, and the journey to understanding and enlightenment.

The spiral was first chosen as the symbol for Master Jim’s and slave marsha’s journey because it represented the quest for understanding and deepening of the M/s relationship we both sought. As our leather family experienced these things as well, the spiral came to be representative of all three of us. The spiral is also associated with the cycles of birth, growth, death, and then rebirth and those cycles are representative of the family.


The day our family arrived in Honolulu to begin a family vacation in the Hawaiian Islands we were introduced to the Hawaiian word – ohana – and the word and its meaning immediately spoke to us. Ohana means family, but ohana does not have to be blood family. Ohana can be your family of choice. And, in the words of Stitch in the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” – “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten,” that is our pledge to each other in this leather family. No matter what, no one gets left behind.

Reaching Out

We (Master Jim and slave marsha) began our journey by spending countless hours talking about Mastery and slavery. Discussing, dissecting, and analyzing M/s came naturally because we both have a natural intellectual curiosity about new concepts and we both have higher education training in research. Our natural predisposition to discuss M/s was buttressed by the fact that when we began our M/s journey in late 1996, there was very little written on M/s, the few leather/BDSM events that existed at the time paid almost no attention to the topic and practice of M/s, and the public M/s community was non-existant.

Just after we entered into a M/s relationship, we attended a conference that had one panel on the topic. We were very excited about the panel because we had never seen anyone openly talk about M/s. Unfortunately, although the panel was made up of well known presenters, no one on the panel was currently in an M/s relationship, some said they had tried it and would never do it again, and others passed off M/s as role play. It wasn’t a very encouraging introduction to M/s!

So we decided we would have to forge our own path. In the end, our hours of talking about what M/s would mean to us led to a number of blog posts and essays on a wide variety of M/s related topics. Some of those writings are presented here. What we say isn’t the right way or the one way — but they are real stories and experiences. They are the record of our journey as a Master and slave.